Allen Fitzsimmons - Massachusetts Entrepreneur

About Allen Fitzsimmons

A CEO based in Belchertown, Massachusetts, Allen Fitzsimmons possesses a background in sales and recruitment. He utilizes his expertise to lead Transitioning Forward, a company he founded in July 2013. His business helps people restructure their assets during transitional periods, such as relocation and new life events. Allen Fitzsimmons� full-service agency takes inventory of and appraises products, as well as sells and ships items. He is responsible for creating efficient workflow processes and operational strategies. Previous to this role, he served health and life insurance agency Aflac as an independent agent. In the fall, he will take on the role of operations director at a New Jersey brewery.

Away from work, Mr. Fitzsimmons enjoys the outdoors. An athletic individual, he likes to hike and cycle. Allen Fitzsimmons also played tennis at a high school and collegiate level. He maintains certification as an instructor through the U.S. Professional Tennis Association and participates in tournaments when time allows.